How do we bring Jesus back to the season?

How do we bring Jesus back to the season?

In the hustle and bustle of this time of year….how do we bring the true meaning of Christmas back? People spend a great deal of their time looking for the perfect gift or attending all obligatory parties. How much time do we spend with our obligation to our savior?

This season is all because we live in a fallen world. A small baby was born in a manger to bring peace and salvation to those who believe. The irony of where this holiday has now gone…..doesn’t escape me. Many times I wish I could just take a moment and give a hurting friend a hug or remember to call a neighbor who may not have any family.

I am Thankful God shows his face to me and I want to hear from others how they intend to get Jesus back in the center of the season. I know I am taking time to make gifts this year and pray for people. I am also cherishing experiences and trying to make memories that money cannot buy. I also acknowledge my disability may hinder me at times, but I also give this to the Lord.

The light that shines on the top of our tree….I also pray will shine through all our hearts and live the whole year round.

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