Journey with Jesus

Braille readers are leaders

November 8th, 2011

Hey this is a phenomenal competition to keep braille awareness going. I know for myself…I often turn to speech or refreshable braille. Go to National Federation of the Blind’s website

and take the challenge. Amanda and I have each pledged to read 250 pages. Stay tune and we will share our updates. We are both looking for teammates if you want to jon us.

How cool would it be to read the entire braille Bible by the end of the competition…the first week of January! We will not only remind ourselves of the importance of braille…but even more important we will dive into God’s word! Let us know if you are joining us!

Temple Grandin

May 13th, 2011

I kept hearing Temple Grandin over and over again in respect to Autism. I watched the movie I was blown away how much this true story sheds light on the mind of a person with Autism. Miss Grandin thinks in pictures and. She watches and discovers new facts through looking at the whole concept.

I recommend reading her book or watching the movie for many reasons. It is not only educational, but provides fabulous insights into how perceptions provide an individual understanding. I think of finger prints and how these are different for each person. Perceptions are the same.

ONe point I resonated with autobiography was with the mom. Many parents are blamed for not forming an appropriate attachment with their child. This is especially true back in the 60’s and 70’s, but I believe there are still undertones of this today.

After Amanda, my daughter, was diagnosed on the Autism spectrum; I needed to understand this was just part of her. We live in a fallen world and there is disabilities. My nurturing as a mother did not bring this disability out.

Do you know of someone who is blaming themselves for causing a disability? Remind them of Ephesians 2:10 which comforts us to realize God knows the plans He has has for us…even before we were born. We may not know know why someone has a disability, but we do know Jesus died for each of us. Some day in heaven our broken bodies will become whole.

Running the roads

April 25th, 2011

I was reminded how different words and phrases are used in different areas. For example, I was visiting my family in Vermont and my hubby commented on my use of “running the roads”. I never use this in my Minnesota conversations, but it so naturally comes back to my Vermont dialogue. Other such words include dooryard, casserole, pocket book and of course there are so many more.

I think about this with my disability and how many words come naturally to me, but may not be in the vocabulary of others. Take for example; talking about being tactilely defensive or over stimulated. I also may mention how my eyes need a buff. These topics may have significance to me and others with the same disability, but may sound foreign to others.

Let’s take this a step further and think about the words we use to describe Jesus such as salvation, sinner, ransom, crucified just to name a few. I believe words like God’s love, heaven, honor, may relate the meaning of why Jesus is so important to us. Ultimately, God changes hearts, but I think we need to be careful of how we talk to others who may not know Jesus or belong to another denomination.

Show Jesus who you are with the action you show another. Don’t let the language get in the way.

Dealing with the “Unfairness” of Life

February 11th, 2011

Often I stop myself during a week and resist from complaining. Many everyday occurrences seem to become a challenge due to inaccessibility. I am sure each one of you has a personal story or two to tell about this topic.
Here is mine.
As much as the internet has opened doors…it also poses problems. One roadblock is the security captions. I can’t see so reading it is out of the question. I can’t hear well…so using the audio is out of the question. This seems unfair and becomes more of a chore to find someone to read it…etc.
Then I remind myself that God clearly tells us in His word that we are strangers in this world. We will feel left out. Maybe God wasn’t talking specifically about my inability to read these captions…but it still applies. I need to flip the situation around and thank God for the challenge. I also need to remember that often it is a blessing for someone to help me. It is so much easier to give then receive.

How do we bring Jesus back to the season?

December 21st, 2010

How do we bring Jesus back to the season?

In the hustle and bustle of this time of year….how do we bring the true meaning of Christmas back? People spend a great deal of their time looking for the perfect gift or attending all obligatory parties. How much time do we spend with our obligation to our savior?

This season is all because we live in a fallen world. A small baby was born in a manger to bring peace and salvation to those who believe. The irony of where this holiday has now gone…..doesn’t escape me. Many times I wish I could just take a moment and give a hurting friend a hug or remember to call a neighbor who may not have any family.

I am Thankful God shows his face to me and I want to hear from others how they intend to get Jesus back in the center of the season. I know I am taking time to make gifts this year and pray for people. I am also cherishing experiences and trying to make memories that money cannot buy. I also acknowledge my disability may hinder me at times, but I also give this to the Lord.

The light that shines on the top of our tree….I also pray will shine through all our hearts and live the whole year round.


November 16th, 2010

“Again”… many times do we here this word spoken to us…when our chronic illness gets in the way of us going to an event or maybe just completing an everyday activity. This five letter word stings! Living with a chronic illness means living each day with uncertainty of your plans. How do we handle this with grace and not get frustrated or discouraged I personally take comfort in the verse where God reminds me he is made strong in my weakness. Please share your experiences and what brings you the peace and comfort to keep pressing on towards the goal Of Jesus.